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Fibre Broadband

Today, in the UK, fibre broadband internet connections are the fastest type of internet connection available for either a business or for a home. The fibre broadband network though, is not yet available throughout the whole country and so you will have to determine if it is already in your area or not. To assist you in finding out, the website https://broadbandcompareuk.com/blog/584938e94e7bb82e7984f7c2/is-fibre-broadband-available-in-my-area.htmlcan help. This is a site which provides information about all the areas which have already been connected by fibre optics and those which have not yet been. This information is perhaps important as you will want to know what internet connections are available for you to order.

The faster speed internet connections are perhaps more important for places of business than they are for domestic use as often a business will have multiple devices using just one internet connection and as each extra device, slows down the service, if they did not have a very high speed to start with, none of their devices would have any kind of speed. The speed of course has less effect on domestic connection as there are usually not as many devices using the same connection.If you plan to use the internet on a home desk top, a laptop and you also have a tablet and an Xbox though, you too will have to order a faster speed than you think you may actually need. Some countries like South Korea and Hong Kong have very fast average internet connections, not perhaps because those faster speeds are actually needed but because for those higher speeds is very cheap. The average speed of a connection in South Korea and Hong Kong is an amazing 1 GBPS but more impressive that the speed is perhaps the cost as those speeds in South Korea costs only US$30 and in Hong Kong, US$26.

Although their prices may differ, the three other countries listed as having the top 5 fastest average internet speeds are Switzerland, Sweden and the Falkland Islands. So even with using fibre optics, the UK does not offer the fastest speeds, speeds which are available in at least some other countries. Neither does the UK offer such cheap prices for internet connections as other countries might but when all the countries of the world are compared for both the speed of the internet they can offer and the price of the internet services, the UK is shown to be reasonable on both counts. Although, as in most countries, the faster speeds for internet connections can be found close to cities in the UK, speeds of at least 5 MBPS, which is the minimum speed recommended by Netflix, is available throughout the country, regardless of where somewhere is in regard to the nearest city or town. So if you have fibre optics in your area, you will sure to have at least one internet provider that can offer you a fast speed and even at those fast speeds, the quality of that signal should be good.